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Cologne Bonn Airport now offers a unique service package for airlines and forwarding companies. With our excellent Airport cargo infrastructure, we offer overall logistics facilities that comprise all services necessary, covering everything from our runways to your customers.

Cologne Bonn Cargo is a neutral platform combining the various logistics services customised to meet your needs. Why not realise your own logistic location in Germany’s strongest economic area? Your services and your quality standards, under your own company’s name – and all that on a pay-for-use basis.

In the new Cologne Bonn Cargo Center, our qualified staff are there for you with all services available around the clock.

Cologne Bonn Cargo Handling

From aircraft clearance to cargo handling – the entire service package between apron and loading ramp is a one-stop number. A first-class infrastructure and our trained staff are there for you around the clock.

Our service package

  • Ramp and operations handling of all types of aircraft
  • Re-positioning at the Airport
  • Cargo acceptance, release and RFC check
  • DGR check
  • ULD / Pallet build-up
  • BUP handling / through units
  • Manifestation
  • Customs clearance
  • SITA messaging
  • Charge collect
  • Pallet breakdown
  • Irregularities Handling
Cologne Bonn Cargo Logistics Services
Cologne Bonn Cargo Security
Cologne Bonn Cargo Trucking
Cologne Bonn Cargo Storage Solutions
Cologne Bonn Cargo Plus

General Terms and Conditions & fees

And if you think Cologne Bonn Cargo doesn’t have what you need? We’ll be pleased to advise you and draw up the right service package to meet your requirements.

Franz J. Heuckeroth van Hessen
Director Cargo & Sales


Torsten Wefers
Deputy Director Cargo & Sales