Security control

At Cologne Bonn Airport the Federal Police is responsible for aviation security control. The security checks are carried out by personnel of a security service company, who are specifically trained for this function. The security checks are an essential prerequisite to gain access to the security area of the Airport.

Flight passengers should observe the following instructions to avoid any inconvenience and delays at the security check.

Dangerous objects

Hand luggage may not contain weapons or articles that could be used as a weapon, nor any pointed, sharp or blunt objects that can cause injury. Depending on the size and type, this also includes pocket knives, nail files and nail scissors; these should therefore be stowed in the hold baggage. Explosives and incendiary substances have no place in an aircraft – for this reason Zippo lighters, for instance, may only be carried on board if they are empty.

Fluids to be bagged
Laptop, camera & co.
People screening / Body scanner
Contact the Federal Police

New security rules for hand luggage

Download document (PDF, 858 kB)

Hand Baggage Regulations for Travellers to the USA

Download document (PDF, 33 kB)