Service for the disabled

At Cologne Bonn Airport, we care very much that people with special needs can travel comfortably and easily. We are at your service, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

If you require assistance or a wheelchair, please make your request when booking your flight, or at the Airport desk of the airline you are flying with. 

Wheelchair service

If required, a wheelchair can be requested with your reservation with the respective airline. Boarding the aircraft can mean having to change from your own wheelchair to an airport wheelchair. In such a case, Cologne Bonn Airport has wheelchairs available free of charge and qualified staff to assist you. Your own wheelchair will be transported free of charge in the cargo hold.

Further details of your airline are available here: Airlines.

Please note that special loading regulations make it necessary to transfer battery-driven wheelchairs in good time.

If you are travelling with a battery-driven wheelchair, please give details of the type of battery used when making your flight reservation. Dry-cell batteries can remain in the wheelchair and do not require any special preparation for transport, but they must be secured, disconnected and the poles insulated by you before checking in. The wheelchair must then go through the desk for bulky baggage.

Important notice:
Not all airlines transport wet-cell batteries, so please check with your airline in advance.

Departure / access to aircraft

A special vehicle for transporting wheelchairs is available for flights handled at a parking position on the apron. This transport is carried out by qualified Red Cross staff.

German Red Cross

+49 (0)2203 40-2323
+49 (0)2203 40-4322

Important notice:
At Cologne Bonn Airport, a mobile lift is available for barrier-free access to an aircraft parked on the apron, but the use of this vehicle is at the discretion of your airline.
During heavy traffic, transport facilities are sometimes used to capacity, so this can mean waiting times or a transport via the passenger stairs.


On arrival, a staff member of your airline or the Red Cross will take you to the baggage claim, and, if necessary, through Customs. If Cologne Bonn is only your transfer airport, you will receive all the assistance you need to get your connecting flight to your destination.

If someone is meeting you at the Airport, you should find out which baggage claim exit on the arrival level you will use. In Terminal 2, there are two exits: East and West; in Terminal 1: exit B and C.

Service for the disabled
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Service and medical assistance
EU Regulation 1107/2006