Where are the check-in desks of the individual airlines?

Under this link, you can see in which terminal your check-in desk is: hier.

How early can I check in?

As a rule, the check-in desks are open at least two hours before departure; some airlines open their desks even earlier.

When does the check-in close?

Please check the conditions of the airline you are flying with.

Can I check in the evening before my flight leaves?

Many airlines offer this convenience of checking in the night before. Please check here if your airline also offers this service: Vorabend-Check-In.



Hand Luggage/Baggage

How big and how heavy can my hand luggage be? And baggage that is checked in?

Every airline has its own guidelines as to how big and how heavy baggage can be. Please contact the airline you are flying with.

What can I carry in my hand luggage? Which liquids are prohibited?

The safety regulations on hand luggage provide detailed information: www.koeln-bonn-airport.de/data/files/downloads/Handgepaeck_d.pdf



How can I get to the Airport by public transport?
What address should I use for a navigation system?

For the terminals: 
Kennedystraße, 51147 Cologne

For the cargo area: 
Kriegerstraße, 51147 Cologne

General Aviation Terminal:
Heinrich-Steinmann-Str. 2a, 51147 Cologne

Heinrich-Steinmann-Str. 12, 51147 Cologne

For any visit to the administration, please arrange an appointment in advance. Make sure to carry your passport or ID-card with you.


Customs / Global Refund

Where are the Customs & Excise Offices at Cologne Bonn Airport?

Terminal 1, Departure Hall B (not open round the clock!)
Terminal 1, Core 2, Level 0 (open 24 hours)
Terminal 2, Departure D at the end of the building (not open round the clock!)

When do the "Global Refund" offices open for refunding VAT, and where can I find them?

Kirschner Terminal 1, in the security zone (access only with a valid boarding card for Terminal 1)
Hours of business: daily 05 - 21 hours.

Kirschner Terminal 2, Departure Hall D, behind check-in desk D01-20
Hours of business: daily 05 - 21 hours. 



Where is smoking permitted at the Airport?

Smoking lounges can be found in the security areas of both terminals. In Terminal 1, the smoking lounge is part of Cafetiero at Gate B 70/73; in Terminal 2, it is located across from Gate D 71. Smoking is prohibited in all other areas inside the buildings and on the aprons.


Is there a left-luggage possibility?

There is a left-luggage office in Terminal 2 on the railway level. Hours of business: daily 06-23 hours.

Which flight destinations are available from Cologne/Bonn
What do I do if I‘ve lost my baggage? (Baggage tracing)

Information how to get your baggage: Baggage tracing.

How can I contact my airline?

Here we have the most important data and information of all airlines: Link to Airlines 

How can I find my tour operator?

A list of all travel agencies and tour operators can be found here: Link to travel agencies and tour operators.

Where can I be collected once I’ve arrived in Cologne/Bonn?

Please look at the site plan “Arrival”: Link to Plan